We have been producing cathode drums to be used in electrodeposited copper foil manufacturing equipment since 1961. Since we developed the first cathode drum of titanium in 1972, we have dedicated ourselves to the improvement of the quality and the performance of the cathode drums for more than 50 years.
We have delivered over 3600 titanium cathode drums, the sum of newly produced ones and restored ones by relining, (as of the end of November 2020) and have a roughly 70% share in the global market (NSSK estimates).
We are the world's top titanium cathode drum manufacturer with technological capacity cultivated by the long and ripe experience, and by the persistent endeavor at technological innovation to provide better than the best cathode drums.
Our titanium dimensionally stable anodes receive high marks of appreciation from the customers over the world, because of their dimensional high-accuracy based on our long experience of titanium welding and manufacturing, and because of their high-quality coat on the anode surface.

Features of Titanium Electrodeposition Drums

Corrosion Resistance A uniform, and smooth surface can be maintained by using titanium which has excellent corrosion resistance to electrolytes (copper sulfate solution). (Skin roughness such as pitting defects is extremely low.)
Surface Quality Titanium material (top skin), which has been developed jointly with Nippon Steel, is suitable for copper foil production. It maintains a good surface condition.
Weld Uniformity
(Base Material Approximation Process)
The weld on the top skin is transferred to the copper foil thereby lowering the quality of the foil. In order to prevent this, the welded part is treated to approximate the base metal thanks to our many years of technical development and experience.
High Current Compatibility Stable use at high currents up to 60 kA is possible by using a structure that incorporates a conductive member of copper inside a titanium electrodeposition drum.
High-current Density Compatibility Internal Structure: The electrical resistance of the contact interface can be suppressed by plating on the contact interface.

Company Patent Registrations: 4 Cases Registered in Japan; 6 Cases Registered Overseas
Total: 10 Cases (As of the end of April 2021)


APLEX: The apex of titanium cathode drums


APLEX® is the apex drum of titanium cathode drums which NSSK, as a leading
manufacturer, developed by rallying all the unique and up to date technologies
derived from manufacturing experience of cathode drums for more than 50 years.

Strong points of APLEX

●To minimize the transcription of the bead patterns to copper foil to a imit.
Minimizing difference between the texture of the welded portion and that of the base
metal, transcription of the bead patterns to copper foil mostly disapears.
●To obtain copper foil with less weight variation.
Applying a structure with excellent equality in electric-current delivery enables
manufacturing copper foil with less weight variation which is required in high-performance
lithium-ion batteries.
●To suppress crack occurence from the edge of copper foil while coiling.
Inhibiting edge sagging, which caused by cutting and polishing for drum maintenance,
maintains sharp edges of the drum and suppresses crack occurrence from the edge of
copper foil while coiling.

Bead Pattern Image


APLEX® is the best titanium electrodeposition drum that the top manufacturer of titanium electrodeposition drums for electrolytic copper foil.

“APLEX" is a registered trademark of Nippon Steel Kozai Co., Ltd. Registered Trademark No. 6127954


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